Search Engine Optimisation for the automotive industry

Garage website design on a desktop computer screen

Affordable, Reliable & Effective SEO

The Garage Site is a bespoke solution specially crafted for the independent automotive industry. We’re pleased to boast a whole load of features you’ll struggle to find elsewhere. 

There’s countless things which all go into SEO, we focus on a few key areas, which deliver the best results.


Having the right content, in the right format will help boost your search rankings. Our experts craft content specifically for your garage.


Your website performance can impact search rankings. The faster & more responsive your website, the more likely Google are to recommend you to searchers.


Backlinks help build domain authority. In short, the more high-quality websites linking to your website, the more “legit” your website seems to Google. 

We Help Garages Stand out Online

We have years’ worth of experience in building effective marketing strategies for garages in the UK. We build all kinds of campaigns, linking across platforms and integrating with your website to ensure we’re tracking performance, maintaining a healthy campaign & optimising costs.